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Engage Early. Engage Often. Connect with your patients without waiting for them to reach out to you.


Help to take timely action.Prevent confusion, forgetfulness and procrastination to perform timely actions.

Rewards & Promotions

Improve satisfaction. Increase Loyalty.Influence and motivate to adopt healthy behavior and optimize your marketing outreach.


Optimize your strategy.Address high prescription volume, at-risk patients with real time and accurate data.

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Put an end to lost revenue

Sending your patients home with their medication schedule printed on pill bottles or a piece of paper is not just old-fashioned — it’s risky.

By addressing the preventable factors of medication non-adherence, your patients will be requesting on-time refills.

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Not another pillbox

Pill boxes or other modes of reminders don’t work for over 65% of chronic disease patients due to factors of forgetfulness, procrastination, lack of motivation and/or confusion surrounding medication dosage.

More convenient than refill reminders

Each time your patients skip or miss a dosage it jeopardizes their health and wastes your efforts of refill reminders. They need a convenient way to order refills without walking-in or visiting your website or picking up phone.


On-Time Interventions that Reduce Costs

Manage your high-risk population with effective engagement and timely interventions. Every patient is unique and requires different levels of intervention. With the right insight, you can make the right interventions and guide each patient towards the right decisions that result in optimal health and ultimately decrease preventable medical spending.

Our in-app messaging platform enables you to perform these trivial interventions easy and effortless.

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Reduce Preventable Hospital Admissions

With nearly 1 in 5 Medicare patients being readmitted to the hospital in less than 30 days from being discharged, it is becoming increasingly important for providers to take charge of their patient’s health. Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and financial penalties by being informed on your patients’ daily medication usage, so that you can intervene before it’s too late.

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For your patients

Patients and Caregivers

With a connected in-app mobile (device) experience your patients will love…

Your patients don’t want pillboxes or any other mediums to get organized. They want an easy and convenient solution.
You want them to take timely action, aware of their health conditions, stay motivated and loyal. We’ve got you both covered.

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